he Truth Project (from Focus on the Family)

"Be transformed by the renewing of your mind."

(Romans 12:2 NIV)


The Truth Project is an excellent educational resource. It consists of 8 dual-layer DVD's covering 12 Lessons including a Leaders' Training lesson. This excellent series brings you an in-depth Christian Worldwide view of these topics which answer these serious questions:

  • Lesson 1 - Veritology - What is truth?
  • Lesson 2 - Philosophy & Ethics - Says Who?
  • Lesson 2 - Anthropology - Who is man?
  • Lesson 4 - Thology - Who is God?
  • Lesson 5 -
  • Lesson 6 - History - Whose story?
  • Lesson 7 - Sociology - The Divine Imprint.
  • Lesson 8 - Unio Mystica - Am I alone?
  • Lesson 9- The State - Whose Law?
  • Lesson 10 - The American Experiment.
  • Lesson 11 - Labor - Created to create.
  • Lesson 12 - Community & Involvement - God cares, Do I?

(From the movie jacket - see what some experts think of this Truth Project🙂

"Given the widespread moral relativism in the culture today, it is more important than ever that Christians understand and are committed to absolute truth. Our worldview curriculum, presented by Dr. Del Tackett, is addressed to that issue in an effective and captivating way. It is one of the most exciting programs to come from this ministry in many years."

- Dr. James C. Dobson, PH.D., founder and chairman of Focus on the Family

"I wholeheartedly recommend the Truth Project. It is worthy of its name and its intent. I hope and pray that many will get behind it and take advantage of it. The content of a project like this is the best gift you can give your children and yourself."

- Ravi Zacharias, President of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries.

" I think that the Truth Project is one of the most significant things that Focus on the  Family has ever undertaken."

- R.C. Sproul, Founder t and Chairman of Ligoner Ministries

Focus on the Family presents the Truth Project

A DVD based small group study designed to equip believers with a comprehensive biblical worldview. Practically and personally, participants will be re-introduced to the truth claims of God. Twelve 1 hour lessons discuss in detail God's design for living out the Christian worldview in daily life. Most imprtantly, it addresses the need to marry our actionst o our core beliefs. WHat this curriculum does is nothing short of transformational. 2006 Closed Captions (CC) is an available feature.