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A Movie Ministry Corporation is dedicated to: providing you with information on the very best movies for you and your family to watch and enjoy; movies that are based on Judea-Christian principles, morality and beliefs.

Our primary purpose

(1) is to provide you with information on good movies to watch

(2) to promote movies and to help churches and other organizations to show Christian and evangelistic movies

Our Vision is to get more people to watch and buy good movies so that “Hollywood” is transformed and the movie producers world-wide will make more family-friendly movies. This is already happening! Good movies make more money that R-rated and X-rated movies. Good movies (rated G/PG/PG13) that promote Judeo-Christian values make more money than movies promoting dysfunctional life-styles.

A Movie Ministry Corporation is a 501(C)(3). A non-profit incorporated in the state of Florida. You can help this ministry by buying your DVD movies via this website or by making direct donations. Thank you.

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Our Story

Our Story and Our History

Here are just some of the ways, A Movie Ministry has helped to promote good family movies in the past:

We sponsored the showing of the Play the Flute Movie on Tuesday, Jan 22nd, 2019 at the Regal Park Theater in Saint Petersburg, Florida.

www.AMovieMinistry.com is honored to help North Ridge Church in Raleigh, NC bring a free showing of this movie on August 10th, 2014 at 7PM.

Free Movie!!!
"God's Not Dead"
Sunday, August 10th at 7PM

North Ridge Church, 7601 Falls of the Neuse Road
(Just north of Ravenscroft School)
(Click on address above for directions)

"God's Not Dead" released on March 21th was a smash hit and held over in many movie theaters because of the strong attendance! Now this movie will soon be shown in many Churches across the nation and the world. Encourage your church to get a copy of this movie on DVD to show at your church and invite all your neighbors to see it.

For more information: GodsNotDead

This is a great movie but not for young children. I would only recommend it for teenagers and adults. See the short movie trailer at www.pureflix.com 

Tuesday July 8th, 2014:
We at www.AMovieMinistry.com were proud to help bring the movie "Gods Not Dead" to
First Baptist Church
1900 Gandy Blvd
St Petersburg, Florida
Tuesday, July 8th at 7PM

OLD NEWS ITEMS (2007-2008):
(2) Thursday October 18th thru Thursday, October 25th 2007
Regal Cinemas - Winter Park Village 20
8 consecutive days and nights - 10 Movies - over 80 showings.

This event had the opportunity to reach over 19,000 lives for Christ and impact the growth of the church in the Orlando area.

OLD NEWS ITEMS (2007-2008):

(1) Triangle Jewish Film Festival was held in Cary on March 30th, 2008 at the Galaxy Theater. An all day event. A total of ten movies are being presented. We saw five of the 10 movies and we can recommend SOMEONE TO RUN WITH for older teenagers and adults and DOUBLETIME for the entire family.

Summary of movies reviewed at that Triangle Jewish Film Festival:

DOUBLETIME is about a southern team making it to the national "double skip" jump-rope contest held n NYC. A worthwhile film for the entire family.

SOMEONE TO RUN WITH is film in Israel and is in Hebrew with English subtitles. It is about a sister efforts to save her drug-addicted brother. Her dog plays a significant part in this action-pack adventure. Worthwhile to see for older and mature teenagers and adults.

MAKING TROUBLE is a documentary on female Jewish comedians in the United States. The foul language and the lack of a clear and uplifting plot made the movie disappointing and sad to watch (this was not a funny movie). Only recommended for adults who have a historic interest in knowing more about the most famous Jewish female comedians.

Making Trouble was disappointing and had foul language and did not live up to our standards.

2013: The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association has embarked on a new venture to Evangelize the world in the homes of believers. They have released a free 30-minute film that you can show in your house to your neighbors, friends, work associates, etc. They also provide on-line training programs to help you.

So please, take the training, pray, get a copy of the DVD (or download the film), and then invite unsaved or uncertain people to your house to watch the 30 min video followed by your answering questions and providing your testimony.

Be bold and trust in the Lord's power!

Let's go! Let's do it!

Nov 7, 2013

Show this free movie from Billy Graham in your house and evangelize your neighbors! http://myhopewithbillygraham.org

"The Son of God" released on Feb 28th is still being shown in many movie theaters.
We have seen this PG13 movie and we can recommend it to you. It is a movie made from the 10 hour long TV series called "The Bible" which was shown on The History Channel producing a 138 min movie with great photography and music. To see the movie trailer for this film and to find a movie theater near you - go to www.thesonofgodmovie.com .

Focus on the Family is producing a new study called The Family Project and if it is as good as their Truth Project, this study will be fantastic. This movie is an introduction to their upcoming release of the Family Project. Don't miss it! You can find a movie theater near you and we suggest you reserved seats as soon as possible at www.familyproject.com where you can also see a trailer for the movie.
[Click here for more info: Family Project and Irreplaceable ]

April 14, 2014

(Only recommended for older teenagers and adults.)

This short 4 min movie was released on April 14th for Internet access only. I can highly recommend this video and the Jews for Jesus organization, I recommend that you see this video. This movie is only being released on the internet. On there website, you can also watch other short videos about some of the survivors of the Holocaust.

To view this short video go to www.thatjewdiedforyou.com
[Click here for more info: That Jew Died For You! ]

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