Right From The Start by Al Mohler (61 Mins)

"Creation and The Gospel in one storyline."

(This information is from the movie jacket:)

"Theological liberalism is a defense mechanism that comes when someone sees a challenge to Christianity and attempts to make peace with it."

Dr. Mohler reveals that the gospel message woven throughout the Scriptures is composed of at least four major movements:

The Divine Creation
The Fall
The Redemption (The Sacrifice of Jesus Christ)
The Consummation (The Future Return of Jesus)

If we don't get the basics of Christianity right from the start, then we do not have the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.
And if we're not communicating the true gospel, our efforts are in vain. Mohler rejects theistic evolution (which he describes as the route of naive concordists) and argues against the many evangelical theologians and preachers who are now saying there was no real Adam and Eve and no original sin!

When he was only 33 years of age, Albert Mohler was elected president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary - the flagship of the Southern Baptist Convention and one of the largest seminaries in the world. In the fall of 2011, Dr. Mohler was a keynote speaker at the annual "Answers for Pastors" conference on the campus of Answers in Genesis and its start-of-the-art Creation Museum. His messages were delivered to hundreds of pastors and are now available worldwide on both DVD, and downloadable video via AnswersBookstore.com .