"Ice Skating Showcase" (not rated) (58 Mins) (1990)

Not Rated (equivalent to a G)

(This information is from the movie jacket.)
Ice Skating Showcase. Great Routines of the 1980's!

"V.I.E.W" Video is proud to present a spectacular compilation of the very best of world professional figure skating in the 1980's.
The greatest Ice Skaters of our time perform fourteen of their finest routines, which inspired the world and set new standards of excellence.

(Scott Hamilton, Dorothy Hamill, Torville and Dean, Rubin Cousins, The Protopopovs, Troller Cranston, Linda Fratiannie and other champions.)

Setting their routines in a variety of music, from the classics to Sinatra, Streisand and The Beatles, these Olympic Medalists combine athletic virtuosity with electrifying entertainment.
A timeless video collectible for the whole family. Sport and spectacle, preserved into the future.

ISBN 0-8030-1703-0 (Category: Ice Skating)