CHRISTMAS SHOES (94 mins) (2002)

“If you want a good cry – watch this movie!” Yonko Mali

The Christmas Shoes movie is a “chick flick”.

LA Times said “The Christmas Shoes finds humor in an emotional story.” Well, we did not find much humor. The movie starts out sad and ends sad! But with a hopeful future.

The movie is slow but the acting is very good. While the movie promotes the “big names” of Rob Lowe and Kimberly Williams who do an excellent job, I liked the part played by the father of the boy, Hugh Thompson , who played that part perfectly especially the “dancing with his wife” scene. This movie is worth watching just to see his acting out this part.

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(Information from the DVD movie jacket:)

If we’re open to it, the smallest of miracles can change our lives.

After 10 year old Nathan Andrews learns that this will be his mother’s (Kimberly Williams, Father of the Bride) last Christmas, he decides to buy her a special gift. As Nathan sets out on his quest, fate puts him in the path of Robert Layton (Golden Globe Nominee Rob Lowe, “The West Wing), an over-worked attorney who has forgotten to take time for his family. It’s the boy’s love for his mother that inspires Robert to reconnect with what’s truly important in his life. Inspired by the #1 hit song and best-selling book, “The Christmas Shoes” shows that small miracles happen everyday – you just have to be willing to see them.