The Great Race


The Movie with the 20,000 mile or one-million-laugh guarantee!

Crank your engines! With a roar, sputter and pop (and more Academy Award Winning Best Sound Effects), Drivers wheel westward in a wacky in turn-of-the-century autos for a New York to Paris Race. Ahead lie 20,000 miles, a barroom brawl, a sinking iceberg, 2,357 pies in the face, and incalculable laughs.

Blake Edwards turns a marvelous cast loose on a round-the-world highway bobby-trapped by some of the funniest screen gags ever. Jack Lemmon and Peter Falk are nasty Professor Fate and his dim henchman Max. Tony Curtis is their good-guy nemesis =, the Great Leslie. And Natalie Woods is cheroot-puffing suffrage reporter Maggie DuBois. Zestily scored by Henry Mancini and ravishing in a digital transfer with re-vitalize digital audio from restored elements. The Great Race is great fun!