Searching For Bobby Fischer" (PG) (1993) (111 minutes). Paramount Pictures (A Viacom Company)

"A wonderfully acted, heart-warming family film!"

This film was the Winner of a 1994 Parent's Choice Award.

If you've been searching for a "stand-up-and-cheer movie" (Peter Travers, Rollin Stone) or a film "not only to enjoy but to cherish" (Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times) look no further -- you've found Searching for Bobby Fischer.

Josh Waitzkin is a typical seven-year old who happens to be a chess prodigy. Josh's father is a sportswriter determined to see his son become a champion. Searching For Bobby Fischer is about their heartwarming journey of discovery, as a father and son learn the one thing neither can afford to lose: their love for each other.

Fishburne and Ben Kingsley deliver powerful supporting performances in this uplifting film that's rich with all the promise and wonder of life.

ISBN 0-7921-4243-8

(The following information is from the DVD movie jacket.)

He wasn't afraid of losing a match ... just his father's love.

"Two very enthusiastic thumbs up!" - Siskel & Ebert

An all-star cast shines in this heart-warming story of one family's journey of understanding.

Joe Mantegna stars as Fed Waitzkin, a sportswriter who dreams his 7-year-old son, Josh (Max Pomeranc), will grow up to play baseball. One day in the park with his mother (Joan Allen), Josh is fascinated by a different fame: chess.  Encouraged by a streetwise speed-chess player (Laurence Fishburne), Josh displays more than talent - he has a gift. Sensing his son is a future champion, Fred places Josh under the tutelage of a strict chess teacher (Oscar winner Ben Kingsley (*)). But when Josh suddenly starts to lose, his parent must confront their own motivations, and recognize what Josh prizes more than winning: his family's love.

Costarring Laura Linney and William H. Macy, Searching for Bobby Fischer is a movie "not only to enjoy but to cherish" (Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times).

* 1992 Best Actor, Gandhi