Time Hawkins in Concert (74 mins) (2006)
"Full Range of Motion" (3 stars)
(NR not rated : our rating is PG13)

We would suspect that statistically, Christians do not see that many live shows featuring comedians because most comedians appear in night clubs and even when comedians appear in places like convention halls, they still bring their vulgar humor along with their bathroom jokes and vary bad language (when did bad language become funny?) and they profane everything in the search for a laugh (and the money)!

There are Christian Comedians but one can understand how some conservatives would say that is an oxymoron!

So does God have a sense of humor? Is laughter in all forms a sign of the fall? Is laughter really good for us? Does God laugh?

"When I get to heaven and I find out that God does not have a sense of humor - boy then I will have a lot of questions!" Yonko Mali

Our answer to all those questions is YES. Yes, laughter is good for us. There has been some definitive scientific studies that show that laughter helps us to stay healthy and to recover from illness faster. And please note that only humans laugh.

Now some information from the DVD cover:
Full Range of Motion (74 mins) Staring Tim Hawkins was shot in High Definition before a sold-out crowd in Dallas. This DVD contains nearly 2 hours of comedy with its bonus features:

  • Tim's full length concert (74 mins)
  • A Life in the Day with Tim
  • Deleted concert scenes
  • Guest Comedian - Cleto Rodriguez
DVD Chapters:
(1) I still live with my folks
(2) Down will come baby
(3) I bought you a tread mill
(4) I want a L
(5) Both my parents work
(6) I'm really feeling the burn here
(7) Wat is this middle ages?
(8) I got full range of motion
(9) Someone's knocking at your door
(10) Start stacking chairs
(11) I can only eat margarine
(12) Deception's on the way
(13) Good advice, too late
(14) God gave me this song