Doctor Zhivago (PG13) (1965) (200 mins)
"Unspeakably beautiful images. Warm and rewarding entertainment." Time

This is a very long (3hrs+) movie that is worthwhile to watch for mature audiences. Yonko Mali

(Information edited from the DVD movie jacket:)
A peerless filmaker of substance and scale. David Lean directs Boris Psternak's tumultuous tale of Russia divided by war and hearts torn by love. Epic images abound: revolution in the streets, an infantry charge into No Man's Land, the train ride to the Urals, an icebound dacha. Omar Sharif plays the title role, Julie Christie is his haunting, longtime love Lara and both are caught up in the tidal wave of history. Hauntingly scored by Maurice Jarre (who earned one of the film's five Academy Awards) and full of indelible performances, Doctor Zhivago is a movie making wonder.