(Only recommended for older teenagers and adults.)

This short 4 min movie was released on April 14th for Internet access only. I can highly recommend this video and the Jews for Jesus organization, I recommend that you see this video. This movie is only being released on the internet. On there website, you can also watch other short videos about some of the survivors of the Holocaust.

To view this short video go to www.thatjewdiedforyou.com
[Click here for more info: That Jew Died For You! ]

More about this film after I read the short book about this film.

 Statement from the Jews for Jesus organization on their website about why that made this film (found on www.thatjewdiedforyou.com) :

"Jesus has often been wrongly associated with the perpetrators of the Holocaust. In reality, he is to be identified with those who were the victims. As a Jew, if he were in Europe at the time, Jesus may well have suffered the same fate of the six million who perished in the concentration camps."

"Jewish teaching promotes the idea that the death of Jews in the Holocaust accomplished kiddush ha Shem, the sanctification of God’s name. How much more then, the Bible tells us, Jesus’ death was intended by God for kiddush ha am, the sanctification of the people. Through him we can be made right with God. (See Hebrews 13:12)"
- Jews for Jesus