"Road To Redemption" (PG) (2001) (90 Mins)

Produced by World Wide Pictures in conjuction with Dean River Productions.


Road To Redemption

(The following is from the DVD movie jacket.)

"It's a trip. Buckle up!" "Laugh out loud funny."

"Thumbs up from the start to finish." - USA Radio

Buckle up for a cross-country chase from Las Vegas to Redemption, Montana!

Amanda Tucker's in a jam when a get-rich-quick scheme blows up in her face. She needs money fast. The only person who can help is a relative stranger -- Amanda's almost-forgotten, rich grandfather, Nathan but he just wants to go fishing.

Bad guys like Sully Santoro, hate when their pigeons skip town. Soon, Amanda's wide-eyed boyfriend, teams up with Vincent the Enforcer and a professional tracker in order to chase her down.

Cadillac splashes, motorcycles gangs and a heart of gold make ROAD TO REDEMPTION the comedy trip of a lifetime!

ISBN 1-56406-220-2