Music of The Heart
"A Movie with Heart!" Chicago Tribune

2 Academy Award Nominations:
Best Actress - Meryl Streep
Best Original Song - "Music of the heart"

Two-time Academy Award "winner" Meryl Streep (One True Thing) stars with Angela Basset (How Stella Got Her Groove Back) in a heartwarming, acclaimed true story of how one woman's musical gift affected those who least expected it! A single mother with little more than talent and the determination to make a difference, Roberta Guaspari (Streep) overcame the skepticism of everyone who didn't think she should be teaching violin to students in a tough inner-city neighborhood. But even after a decade of ever-growing popularity and countless success stories, Roberta and her students must rise to meet an even greater challenge: budget cuts aimed a shutting down her valuable program for good! Also starring Aidean Quinn (Practical Magic) and Grammy winner Gloria Estefan in a stellar cast, this extraordiany story will inspire anyone who's ever thought their dreams were too far out of reach!