We suggest that everyone who is interested in promoting the truth, supporting families and encouraging good moral behavior, should NOT support these movies:


Unfortunately we cannot recommend this movie about Noah. It is purely a Hollywood secular movie with lots of violence and many inaccuracies and misleading information.

Unfortunately we cannot recommend this movie from Disney. There are so many better movies for your children to watch. We were very disappointed.

"Angels & Demons"
 "DaVinci Code"
"Inherit The Wind"
1960 and 1999 versions
1960 version starring Spencer Tracey and Gene Kelly
1999 version starring George C. Scott and Jack Lemon
Almost nothing in these "Inherit The Wind" movies is truthful.
See the documentary film, "Inherently Wind" by Dr. David Menton available from www.answersingenesis.org to see how false and terrible these Inherit The Wind movies are.

"Safe Haven"

 Buy this documentary to see the evidence for all the lies told in the Inherit The Wind movies and plays:
 4 Stars
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