The Magic of Ordinary Days

(98 mins) (2005) (NR - PG13)

The "The Magic of Ordinary Days" is a Hallmark Hall of Frame movie. It has great photography, beautiful scenery, great acting and a redeeming story about the choice to love.

I have to admit, typical of Hallmark movies, it is a little slow but a great movie. And the opening scenes are very powerful and so once you start watching the movie, you want to continue to see how the story resolves itself. Also its only 98 minutes long. And if you are already a Hallmark movie fan - you will really love this movie.

The background music is typically Hallmark but not as distracting or put-you-to-sleep organ music of their early movies.

Starring lovely Keri Russell and handsome Skeet Ulrich and also starring Mare Winningham. All the supporting actors are well chosen and all the scenes are very believable and the sets are very well done. I enjoyed the movie immensely. I will need to review other Hallmark Hall of Fame movies.

The movie is not rated but we would rate it as PG13 due to the serious subject matter of an out of wedlock pregnancy. But choosing to love - never fails.

The Magic of Ordinary Days

From the DVD cover jacket:

Keri Russell, Skeet Ulrich and Mare Winningham star in this touching love story that unfolds during World War II.

Livy (Russell) is a worldly young woman with big plans for her life. Life, however, has other plans for Livy. When unexpected circumstances turn her perfect world upside-down, she finds herself living on a remote farm married to a man she barely knows. She doesn't plan on staying long and she certainly doesn't plan on falling in love.

But Livy's never met a man like Ray Singleton (Ulrich). As honest, hard-working and kind as the day is long. Ray adores his new wife and hopes that she can fill the hole in his heart that's been there since his brother was killed in the war. Ray soon discovers, though, that it will take more than his love and commitment to make Livy stay. It will take faith, forgiveness - and nothing short of a small miracle.


 The DVD is a full-screen version with Dolby 5.1 surround sound. Closed Captions (CC) in English is available.

The DVD includes these extras:
   Cast & Credits
   About the Production

and The Making of the "The Magic of Ordinary Days" where Keri Russell and Skeet Ulrich talk about meeting on the set for their first Hallmark Hall of Fame roles, and three-time veteran Mare Winningham shares here favorite Hallmark experience.